Chloe's Story

13 year old Chloe Lipton from Hedgerley in Bucks, was just 4-years-old when her right eyeball suddenly turned inward toward her nose, causing double vision and an inability to focus.
‘From as young as I can remember I had problems with double vision,’ says Chloe. ‘I found it hard to see people’s faces or read books. I looked different and sometimes, I would just want to stay in my bedroom cupboard instead of facing the day.’
After years of suffering this debilitating eye condition, Chloe and her family sought help from Mr Ken Nischal at Eyedoc. In September 2009, in one of the first procedures of its kind; Mr Nischal used a botox injection to paralyse muscles around Chloe’s right eyeball, allowing it to fall back into correct alignment.

Ben's Story

Six year old Ben Michaels from Billericay, Essex suffered from amblyopia, or severe lazy eye syndrome in his right eye from the age of four. By the time Ben reached school age, his vision had decreased gradually in one eye and without treatment his sight loss could have become permanent.
Ben was referred to Eyedoc and was treated by Mr Nischal who advised that he should undertake daily sessions using a handheld games console to aid the condition. Ben did this whilst wearing a patch over his stronger eye, in order to make his weak eye work harder to see the intricate on screen graphics.

Charlie’s Story

Charlie Brennan was born in April 2009; the birth took some time but was without complications and Charlie seemed like a healthy baby boy.
Charlie was living with his parents, Tamsyn and Hugh in Bermuda and doctors there carried out all the standard tests on Charlie at birth and found nothing to concern them. In the first six to eight weeks Charlie’s parents began to notice that he was not focusing as well as their baby daughter had but they did not think it was anything to be overly concerned about.

Tamsyn took her son to the paediatrician for a routine check-up and mentioned casually that Charlie wasn't really fixating on faces at all. The doctor made an appointment with an ophthalmologist for the following day, where Charlie underwent a series of more investigative tests.The Brennan’s were told that Charlie had cataracts and could not see very well at all; he would need urgent treatment to save his eyesight. The family quickly decided that a move back to the UK would be necessary to get Charlie the expert treatment that he needed.
Tamsyn and Hugh were recommended to seek treatment for Charlie from Mr Nischal who has been dealing with child cataracts for 14 years. "When someone is operating on your tiny baby," says Tamsyn, "trust is a huge issue. But the minute I met Mr Nischal, he was very kind, and he explained everything in layman's terms. He really put us at ease, and I took to him immediately."


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