Ben's Story

Six year old Ben Michaels from Billericay, Essex suffered from amblyopia, or severe lazy eye syndrome in his right eye from the age of four. By the time Ben reached school age, his vision had decreased gradually in one eye and without treatment his sight loss could have become permanent.
Ben was referred to Eyedoc and was treated by Mr Nischal who advised that he should undertake daily sessions using a handheld games console to aid the condition. Ben did this whilst wearing a patch over his stronger eye, in order to make his weak eye work harder to see the intricate on screen graphics.

Ben’s mum, Maxine, 36, said 'When Ben started his treatment with Mr Nischal he could not identify our faces with his weak eye. Now he can read with it although he is still a way off where he ought to be. 'He was very cooperative with the patch, it had phenomenal effect and we’re very pleased.' Mr Nischal’s pioneering therapy helps children with weak eyesight because computer games encourage repetitive eye movement, which trains the eye to focus correctly.


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