Chloe's Story

13 year old Chloe Lipton from Hedgerley in Bucks, was just 4-years-old when her right eyeball suddenly turned inward toward her nose, causing double vision and an inability to focus.
‘From as young as I can remember I had problems with double vision,’ says Chloe. ‘I found it hard to see people’s faces or read books. I looked different and sometimes, I would just want to stay in my bedroom cupboard instead of facing the day.’
After years of suffering this debilitating eye condition, Chloe and her family sought help from Mr Ken Nischal at Eyedoc. In September 2009, in one of the first procedures of its kind; Mr Nischal used a botox injection to paralyse muscles around Chloe’s right eyeball, allowing it to fall back into correct alignment.

In minutes, both of Chloe’s eyes were once again, able to look in the same direction and within three days, she was seeing clearly. Chloe says “I now have clear vision and that’s changed my life. I can read and look into people’s eyes when I talk to them. At school, I can join in with games like basketball and hockey which I couldn’t do before’

Affecting around 5% of children, squint, medically known as strabismus, is caused by lack of coordination of the extra-ocular muscles surrounding the eyeball. As it prevents the gaze of each eye from meeting at the same point in space, it can cause visual blurring or double vision.


In many children, the condition is mild and can be corrected with specialist glasses. For more severe cases, surgery to lengthen or shorten the eye-muscles can align vision.

Chloe had undergone eye surgery two years prior to her treatment at Eyedoc but unfortunately Chloe’s eyes proved too weak to hold her corrected vision and surgery was not a success.

Chloe received a second botox-injection in January this year. While the injection is meant to last just 6-weeks, four months on, her vision is still sharp.

Chloe’s mum Claire Lipton comments ‘When I heard Chloe would need botox in her eye, I wasn’t happy, but it was her only chance of having correct vision. Chloe wanted the procedure and I trusted Mr Nischal. Luckily it has been a great success.’


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